I was curious what this course would bring. I hoped I would find a likeminded group of people, an encouragement to create everyday and insights to bring my creations to next level. And I did. Although there are a lot of takeaways from the meaningful courses and interviews, I value the group vibe the most, which is better than I could have hoped for. That vibe has encouraged me to ship every day, regardless of time, place or mood. And because of that, I'm growing every day, both on a personal and professional level. I would recommend this class to everyone who wants to bring their own initiatives to a higher level.
Before I was developing a voice in a new direction, but now I'm moving in a new direction with my voice.
Arlette Manasseh
When I started the workshop, I knew that I had to create a solo piano album, but I had no idea of the steps that were needed. In making a 100 day commitment to writing and shipping, I learned the process of my process. I was able to discover and refine a system which allowed me to do my best work and ship. Seth was right! There's no such thing as writers block, and through The Creative's Workshop I was able to learn how to work through difficult times and create work that I'm extremely proud of.
Charles Wilson

The climb from dread to anticipation
looks mighty steep indeed
I've found when I start walking
I trip over what I need

A journey with generous travelers
turns fear upon its head
What PRO gives me
is lots of joy instead

The first connect
felt like a leap
But once I jumped I found
Fields of flowers I could reap
Sprout from fertile ground

I had forgotten what impact it has on me, on my energy, on my creativity, to be in a setting with such fabulous people, who, with grace and humility, share their work, their struggles, their questions, their praise, their warmth. It is something I never want to forget again!
Opened my eyes to see what others see in my work. A space to discover what my art, my creativity truly means for me and the clients I serve. I've had to dig deep to find what and why my work is creative and the path I need to take to truly make my creative work, my art, my source of pleasure and sense of worth be relevant in this world. The Creative's Workshop helped me become aware of my work and in turn shape it so I can reach and share it with the right people, and be able to consistently be a professional in my art. It's not an easy workshop. In fact, it's quite difficult if you come from a practice and habit of just making do, just getting by. I had no idea, the transformation that would occur in me, in my understanding of what it means to be a creative professional, and what it means and how to serve my audience. I've been shocked and surprised at discovering exactly what I didn't know I needed.
At first, I wasn’t sure that The Creative's Workshop was right for me as I’m not an artist and I was just seeking other ways to transform my business, but I couldn’t be more wrong! This workshop transformed the way I approach my work. The lessons really helped think differently and making progress alongside other creatives from diverse disciplines is inspiring and enriching. I gained in clarity and purpose, and now I understand better how I can play with the boundaries of my field of work.
I started this workshop to get out of a creative rut, but it has changed me and my work in ways I hadn't dared to think of. Now, working on my first book with comics.
Marijke van Veldhoven
I recently discovered my creative voice before taking The Creative’s Workshop. Unsure of my it, I fanned it as best I could. Now, my creative voice is strong, confident, ready to be seen and heard. I see where it fits in the work that has come before, and I see it can make a bigger difference than I thought before starting this journey. Each day my voice grows stronger here. And I am experimenting with it in a way I have never done.
For years I had tried to establish a daily writing practice but couldn't make it stick. Then, I signed up for The Creative's Workshop and began to adopt the posture of a professional. That's when the magic happened. I showed up every day for 100 days, wrote, and shared my work. Through the workshop, I found an audience that was eager to hear what I had to say and that pushed me to dig deeper and be more of myself. Since my day job requires vast reserves of emotional labor, it was so refreshing and freeing to be part of a community of creatives who all push one another to level up. The workshop helped me to push through old patterns of procrastination and self-censorship to emerge as someone who can and does make a difference in the world.
I’ve had the content to write my book since 2013. The Creative’s Workshop provided the perfect mix of structure plus freedom to create the discipline to complete the journey, and launch the next series of adventures.
This workshop has completely reframed the way I think about sharing my work. Before this workshop, I was struggling with how to effectively share my work with the world, how to be heard. Because I didn’t know how, I barely shared my work. Because of this workshop, now I know how -- how to be heard and, more importantly, how to be invited back. I’ve learned that it’s not about technical things, SEO tricks or other gimmicks, it’s about learning where your work fits and then showing up regularly. Sounds easy? No, but it will be easier for me (and for you) after taking this workshop. And, like me, you’ll be eager to get started. BONUS: I also met my next favorite authors and cartoonist in this workshop.
Scott Gilbertson
I've often felt alone in my creative endeavors. Like I was on my own to grow, and on my own to make the map. But it doesn't have to be that way. The Creative's Workshop isn't just a collection of prompts and lessons. It's a supportive, thriving community that has prompted unexpected, exponential growth in my work. It's way beyond what I expected.
At first I wasn't sure if The Creative's Workshop was for me since I'm mostly a blogger and podcaster. However, I've been blown away by how generous the others are and what I've learned about what it takes to be a professional creative. I'm so glad I made the leap!
Have you ever thought or started a creative project, and yet battle with the fear of not able to commit till the end? Don't let this fear stand in your way. In The Creative's Workshop, I experienced the magic by showing up daily to do the work. Never underestimate how ordinary or simple your daily contributions can be, they accumulate. And when you are supported by a generous community who travel together with your on this journey, you see the vast possibilities of ideas and connections. Showing up and doing the work is what a pro does, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.
Xiuming Liang
It was January 2020, I was just another screenwriter who wrote other people’s stories and taught storytelling at universities. I never asked my students to write every day, because I didn’t. I hadn’t challenged them to write stories that embarrassed them the most, because I hadn’t. Cut to May 2020, some 80 days and counting into The Creative's Workshop, I’m not just writing every day - even during the Covid-19 lockdown. I’m writing my coming-of-age memoir, which I thought would take years before I was bold enough, before I was ready. The Creative's Workshop, the generous coaches, the brilliant cohorts, made me realize that I was born ready. We all are. You might come here to try be more creative, but you will leave here a changed person. I know I have. With what I have learned and practiced at the workshop every single day, I think I can ship my memoir in December 2020, if not early 2021. Sounds crazy? I know. Join the pretty crazy creative club and ship the project you’re destined to make.
​Being an Akimbo Alum, I knew what to expect with the format and the intensity of the course. What I didn’t know was just how much I was going to create. I started out with an idea for one thing and then it evolved into another. Before the course, I didn’t think I could write a book. Not even a good book… ANY book comprising approx. 75,000 words of fiction. I had little understanding of genre or what my voice sounded like. I didn’t even think I could commit to writing every day and keep it up. I was so wrong. I now have a greater understanding of genre and the nuances of publishing, I am developing my voice and how that translates to others once it’s been through their filter and I have more confidence in what I am saying and beat back the resistance to censor myself. The pursuit of professionalism and creativity has become a joy to explore. I am now connected with incredible people and will be eternally grateful for their contribution and curiosity. The mission continues…

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