Your work matters

A proven, powerful real-time Akimbo online workshop created by Seth Godin for creatives who want to be heard.

Because it’s not your hobby.

Because you have magic to share.

Because hard work often defeats genius.

You’re not a cog in the system. You’re a creative professional. And being a creative is a calling.

Find your voice

A chance to unleash your creative generosity for those you seek to serve.

Designed for someone who wants to share: A novel, a how-to book, a TED talk, stand-up, a play, their music, visual art, or a new idea.

They call us ‘creatives’ but we all know that creativity isn’t all of it. The practice of finding our voice, sharing our ideas and actually shipping the work consumes us.

The mystical, mythical, muse-based inspiration that arrives in the middle of the night isn’t enough.

For you, it’s the craft of it. The hard work that every professional does to be heard.

We’re not born with the hard work of craft. We earn it.

Lots of people want to be a creative, but only a few develop the craft to turn pro. To ship work that resonates with the market, to earn attention, to get paid, to be invited back.

This is a workshop for people with something to say, for professionals who want to make an impact with their work. It’s for people who know they are capable of more.

This is a workshop for artists who are tired of suffering, and for leaders who are ready to make a difference.

We ran this for the first time at the start of 2020 and were thrilled by the level of engagement and work that was created. Active students gave and received an average of more than 500 pieces of feedback on their work over the course of this workshop.

It’s time to be heard

Everyone is creative, but few choose to do the hard work to earn the label.

Everyone has the right to be heard, but few develop the listening skills to understand how to enter the market in a way that’s effective.

There’s a path from here to there, a path that allows you to find your audience and to find your voice as well. A chance to do the work to become a professional at your craft.

Are you ready to turn pro?

During difficult times

A global pandemic has interrupted the health, livelihood and peace of mind of billions of people. The overdue focus on justice and inclusion for Black communities reminded many of us that being neutral is not enough, and that business as usual can’t move us forward. In the face of so much disruption and pain, it’s tempting to hide, to hold back and to wait for everything to get back to normal. The reality is, normal isn’t coming back. And, it shouldn’t. Together, we can choose to speak up, to create change, and to go on the long journey to create a new normal, a better normal. And we can do it together.

The challenges in front of us are real and urgent and they’re going to require persistent and consistent creativity to solve. The practice of showing up, learning, listening and leading is one that each of us can adopt, and the time to do it is now.

We need to hear from you

There are more artists on Earth than ever before. More people hoping to be heard, to change the culture, to do their work and get paid for it.

“Art” can confuse us. It can make us selfish or impatient, and turn us into a diva. Better to focus on the craft instead.

Perhaps you’ve been brainwashed by conventional wisdom. Succeeding as a creative, becoming a professional artist, is not simply a matter of being authentic (whatever that means). It’s not about following your muse or taking cold showers or hoping you’ll bump into Rick Rubin in an elevator somewhere.

This is a workshop for writers, painters, playwrights, sculptors, musicians, stand up comics, designers, coaches and anyone else who has a craft and a point of view. It’s for people who have a job doing this work for an organization, or for indies who want to do it on their own.

In this workshop, you’ll learn to find your voice, to do work that a professional can stand behind, to make a living while making a difference.

We believe that the professional’s journey involves action and understanding around:

  • Genre
  • Skills
  • Taste
  • Confidence
  • Generous persistence

Featuring exclusive in-depth interviews

Music is universal, in more ways than one. We spent time talking with a few leading musicians about the practice of being a creative. Even if you’re not a musician (especially if you’re not a musician) these are insights that can transform your practice. Because the journey of a creative isn’t about the instrument we choose or the market we seek to reach, it’s about the ability to trust ourselves enough to go to the next level.

Brian, who works in TV and film, and Eliot, who’s a novelist, echo the same themes. Cathy's interview of Seth brings it together for people in business, graphic arts and leadership as well.

You’ll find that it’s often easier to see a universal truth when it’s by analogy, not directly on point.

Jazz hero, Patricia Barber

Grammy-Award Winning bassist, Christian McBride

Brian Koppelman, screenwriter and showrunner (Billions, Rounders, Oceans 13)

Cyrille Aimée, winner of the Montreaux Jazz Competition

Musician and blogger, Gabe Anderson

Cathy Heller, podcaster, bestselling author and songwriter talks with Seth Godin

Bestselling novelist Eliot Peper

These are working artists. Creatives in the very purest sense.

Skilled, not born that way.

Successful, not lucky.

You can get from here to there if you’re ready to do the work.

From best-selling author Seth Godin

Seth’s creativity has led to a remarkable career.

120 books published as a book packager. 19 worldwide bestsellers. A pioneer of email marketing. Former VP of Yahoo. Inducted into the Marketing Hall of Fame. Many TED talks. Winner of the Edison Award. And, he even has his own action figure.

Most of it came the hard way. He’s been rejected more than most people. Felt lost at sea, unable to find a way forward and ready to give up.

This is the workshop Seth needed forty years ago.

Seth’s approach to creation and art has nothing to do with charisma, connections or the muse. Instead, he’ll open the door for you to see where hard work, good taste and generosity can take you. If you have a passion you want to share with the world, he can help you see how to change it enough to make it resonate.

The first session of this workshop was so powerful and engaging that it’s been turned into a book, which comes out in November of 2020. All attendees of the workshop will receive a digital copy of the book.

Do the work

This is a WORKshop. It will challenge you to do your work, again and again, and generously share it with other participants, giving and getting helpful and direct feedback.

This is morning pages, times ten.

This is a place to hone your craft.

This is where you can choose to become a professional.

This is a new habit, a commitment to become the productive creator you’ve said you wanted to be.

If you want to learn to write a book, don’t watch a video. Go practice. And this is a workshop where you can find a safe place to practice, a place where you will be surrounded by other Creatives eager to see you, help you, push you and challenge you to move forward.

This is not a place for geniuses in search of authenticity. Instead, it’s a workshop for professionals who want to improve their skills and make a difference.

To be clear: it’s unlikely you will be picked. Unlikely that someone will ask you to make whatever pops into your mind. Unlikely that your work is simply undiscovered.

Instead, The Creative's Workshop will challenge you to see, to understand and to dramatically change your posture and your work as well.

We've lost our voice

It’s one thing to speak up at Thanksgiving dinner, but quite another to be seen and heard by strangers in your community and around the world.

It’s one thing to work hard every day at your job and dabble in a creative hobby, but it’s very different to stake your livelihood on the declaration that you’ve actually made something.

Being heard is no longer reserved for celebrities and for activists. In fact, the overlooked shift in our culture is that each of us now feels on the spot. On the spot to groom our social media presence, on the spot to write intelligently, on the spot to both curate and be curated.

Writer’s block is an epidemic, and yet it doesn’t exist

Seth believes that each of us has more power than ever before to see the world as it is, to contribute and to make things better. In this workshop, you’ll discover how to be heard. How to be a professional.

To find your voice, then, is to decide, at last, to be heard. Being a Creative with a capital ‘c’ is a choice. Not because you deserve it, but because those you seek to inspire and help deserve it.

It’s not enough to quietly journal, or to vent our frustrations to a small circle of friends. This platform, this moment in time, demands that we dig deep and do the generous work of speaking up. Leading. Becoming the linchpin we’re capable of becoming.

The best reason to avoid signing up for this interactive workshop

Because it’s more fun to simply watch some videos instead.

This is a group seminar. Peer to peer. The videos from Seth and his guests might blow your preconceived notions out of the water, but the change is going to happen from the cohort.

Find the others.

We’ll help you organize a mastermind group, and challenge you to actually show up, again and again, doing the work.

We’ll help you model the behavior of the successful working Creative, including the habit of not only creating every day, but exposing your work to people who understand (and believe in) the change you seek to make.

“I’m trying to sell out, but no one’s buying”

Sometimes, in order to feel heard, we need to see and feel others hearing us. And when we give in and hide from those we seek to connect with, we won’t be heard.

“Artists need other people.” And people need artists. Actually, what people need are Creatives, hardworking and generous people with insight who aren’t afraid to work through the fear.

This is a workshop for professional Creatives, or those that want to become one. In the words of Coco Chanel: “We don’t need genius, just a lot of skill and a little taste.”

Working Creatives: Alexa Meade, Neil Young, Spike Lee, Steven Pressfield, Mary Wells-Lawrence, Keller Williams, Baratunde Thurston, Chuck Close, Spike Lee… you get the idea. We need you to join them.

Reimbursed by most organizations (ask your boss). It's time to see what you've been missing.

You have a voice.

You’re not using it fully. That’s because you haven’t learned how voice works, not because you don’t have something to say.

To be a Creative is to choose to have a voice.

To have a voice means that you’re being heard.

It means that your writing, your video, your visuals, your music, your dreams, your engineering, your contribution--will land and make a difference.

To be heard means that you bring the right message to the right person at the right time in a way that causes them to take action, to believe, to change. It creates connection.

But because we don’t see how it all works, we blame ourselves instead. We say that we’re not good enough or that we’re stuck. We get frustrated at the system, or worse, at ourselves.

Sarah Kay is heard. Her spoken word poetry reaches millions. She inspires and provokes.

Jodi Spangler is heard. Her work in Haiti saves lives, and communicating her passion to her network earns her the donations to continue it.

Tyler Perry is heard. His movies get made, and his stories resonate with the fans who go to see them.

Bernadette Jiwa is heard. Her self-published books reach businesspeople in more than forty countries.

Tiffany Jana is heard. Her teachings and her books have spread around the world, changing the way people bring themselves to work and to each other.

And Oren Levine is heard. His work on vaccines worldwide have changed the way governments protect their citizens.

Pricing details

This workshop costs $795. That works out to less than ten dollars a day.

Show Your Work Money Back Guarantee: Our workshops are incredibly effective. Check out what our alumni have to say. Still, just in case you’re hesitating, consider our 100% guarantee for this workshop. If you find that it hasn't met your expectations, simply drop us a note after you've participated through all the lessons in the workshop and we’ll refund your entire tuition. We've found that when our students contribute to the workshop, they get back far more than they put into it.

Timing details

We haven’t released the dates for the next session. If you're interested in joining, be sure to sign up for the Tell Me More list. We’ll send you an email to let you know when the next interactive session is about to begin.

Are you ready to be heard?

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